Trucking Accidents

Get The Representation You Deserve When You Are The Victim Of A Truck Crash

With an estimated 15 million commercial trucks operating in the United States today, it’s no wonder there are truck accidents resulting in serious injury every day. In fact, statistics show that over 100,000 people are injured and nearly 4,000 are killed each year in crashes with commercial trucks. These numbers are shocking, but they probably mean very little to you if you are the victim of one of these crashes. The only numbers that matter to you are the number of months it will take you to recover and the number of dollars you will be awarded to pay for your medical costs. Injury attorney William Enoch Andrews isn’t concerned with national statistics either. When you hire him to represent you, he focuses on you and your case.

The Danger Is Real

It is important to be aware of the dangers you face when sharing the road with semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. These vehicles are bulky, slow, and hard to control. To make matters worse, as the trucking workforce ages, there are new concerns about driving ability, prescription drug use, and distractions among older drivers. There is also a shortage of qualified truck drivers that gets worse every year. As a result, truckers are being asked to drive more routes, take fewer vacations, and take shortcuts with truck maintenance that can lead to dangerous trucks hitting the road. To address the shortage, rules are being proposed that lower the standards for truck driver qualifications and lower the minimum age for cross-country drivers. All of these factors contribute to the high rates of truck accidents every year, but the following problems are cited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as the most frequent causes of driver-fault truck crashes:

  • Brake problems. Proper maintenance of truck equipment is essential for safe vehicles. When truckers or truck companies don’t do regular inspections and routine maintenance, these mechanical defects can lead to crashes. Brake failure is the most common problem truckers experience, but worn tires can also cause serious crashes.
  • Prescription drug use. While use of illicit drugs and alcohol continues to be a problem among truck drivers, the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications is rapidly growing into a major concern. Drugs that cause drowsiness, loss of focus, dizziness, and other forms of impairment can lead to truck accidents.
  • Traveling too fast for conditions. Under pressure to deliver loads on time, to meet hours of service limitations, or to return to the warehouse to pick up the next load, drivers often speed and lose control of their trucks when the conditions are not ideal.
  • Unfamiliarity with roadways. When truck drivers must make deliveries in new areas, they can get lost, just like ordinary motorists. They may use navigation systems which take their eyes off the roads, make sudden stops or turns as they locate their destinations, or drive too slowly as they read signs. It is hazardous when car drivers do these things, but when a 10- or 20-ton box truck does it, it can be deadly.
  • Driver distraction. When truck drivers fail to watch the area around them for obstacles and hazards, they can cause major pile-ups. Using cellphones, navigation systems, radios, and other devices in the cab of the truck often lead to the driver failing to respond appropriately to a road hazard.
  • Fatigue. Federal hours of service regulations try to address the issue of driver fatigue, but while you can mandate limits on the numbers of hours someone can drive, you can’t force him to get adequate sleep during his required breaks. This, and the use of some medications, contribute to a very sleepy, and dangerous, workforce.

Whatever the driver did to cause the crash that injured you or a loved one, you will need a personal injury lawyer on your side. Truckers are often backed by a team of lawyers hired by the trucking company, and you cannot face them alone. There are important actions you must take to protect your claim, and an experienced attorney will give you the guidance you need.

William Enoch Andrews: The Best Match for Your Case in Salt Lake City

If you are the victim of a commercial truck accident, the first call you make should be to personal injury attorney William Enoch Andrews. He will make sure you first get the medical care you need, whether you can pay for it or not, and then give you the legal care you need for a settlement in your favor. Do not hesitate to call.

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