Client Testimonials: I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

Much of my business comes from referrals, and that makes me very happy. When a client is pleased enough with my representation that they pass my name along to a friend or family member, I see that as the highest compliment. In my testimonials page, you can get this feedback, too. Read what my former and current clients say about the services here.

I was extremely wary of hiring a lawyer when my husband was hit by a car.  But he was very up front about what he could and couldn’t do for us and how it worked.He took care of all the bills and insurance so I could take care of my husband.  I am so grateful for the stress that was taken off my shoulders.I had 5 kids, a job and now a very broken husband to take care of.I don’t know what I would have done without Will!

Wife of Motorcycle Accident Client

In 2009, I was injured in a car accident.  I called one of the big injury law firms that advertises a lot on television, radio, and the Internet, and was told on the phone that I did not have a case.  I then contacted another attorney, who did nothing for nine months.

Then a lawyer I knew referred me to Attorney William Enoch Andrews for my car accident case.  This was now over a year after I was injured in the car accident.  Will did great.  Will got me the maximum amount of money available from two insurance policies, which was a large amount of money.  I was very happy with the work Will did on my case and I have referred many people to him over the years.  Will is not only my injury lawyer, Will has also become my friend.

Ken G., West Valley City, Salt Lake County, Utah

In 2013, I was in a serious motorcycle accident where a car turned left in front of me at an intersection and hit me.  I almost died.  I had major life injuries and huge medical bills.  A friend, who is a doctor, referred me to Attorney William Enoch Andrews to represent me in my injury case.  Will did a great job.  By the end of the case he felt like a member of the family.  We will just always be grateful for what he did for us.  I am very pleased with the result. Scott T. Utah County

My husband was involved in a motor vehicle accident and passed away from the injuries sustained during that accident.  I never could have imagined all the ins and outs of dealing with all the insurance companies involved.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to.  My attorney, William Enoch Andrews, handled every detail of my husband’s accident.

William Enoch Andrews kept me informed and up to speed on every move being made in my husband’s case.  His time and dedication to the whole process made it possible for my sons and me to grieve the loss of a father and husband without worrying about anything else.  I never could have done this process on my own.  I am forever grateful for William Enoch Andrews, his experience in law and the dedication to his clients.

-April S. Toole, Utah
April S.

Scott was on his way to work on September 13 on his scooter when he was hit by a car.  When I got the hospital, I found out his injuries were pretty severe, but that he was alive.  I knew we were in over our heads, …

Sarah Thompson

My name is Scott Thompson and I was in a pretty severe motorcycle accident.  Will was recommended to us by a very close friend of ours.  With so much going on, we wanted somebody to kind of help us out and guide us through the whole process of what was going to happen.

 Scott Thompson