Some Things I Do As an Injury Lawyer That Are Unique

Some Things I Do As an Injury Lawyer That Are Unique

Some Things I Do As An Injury Lawyer  That Are Unique

Fewer injury cases = more personal care and attention. 

*I only take a limited number of personal injury cases each year so I can give special care and personal attention to each one of my clients’ cases. 

            *I don’t take every case.  I believe in quality, not quantity. 

            *I personally work on your injury case.  If I take your case I work on it. 

            Some high volume injury law firms take what I consider to be too many injury cases, don’t give proper care and attention to each case and even use paralegals and other staff members to communicate with insurance companies and even try to negotiate settlement of the claims.  That is not in your best interest. 

            If I take your injury case, I will work on it personally to settle it, resolve it in mediation, arbitration or litigation whatever is in your best interest. 


Examples of Some Things I Do Differently to Help My Injured Clients


  1. Surgery and Other Healthcare Done on Lien.  I work diligently with surgeons, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other healthcare providers to get my injured clients’ medical care and even surgery done on lien.  

Over my years as an injury lawyer I have developed good relationships with the healthcare providers listed so they know me and trust me to make sure they get paid for the work they do. 

Getting my injured clients’ surgery done on lien, for injuries from their car accident, when needed, is a big benefit to my injured clients because they may not otherwise be able to get the surgery the need at all. 

Some people don’t have health insurance, or if their health insurance deductible has not been met and is so high that they cannot afford to pay it to get surgery. 

Or, if they did get surgery through their health insurance they could not afford to pay their portion of the cost of surgery.  Many health insurance plans are “80/20” meaning your health insurance will pay for 80% of the cost of surgery (and other medical care) but you have to pay 20% of it, until your “OOP” (Out Of Pocket) Maximum is met; many people cannot.

No “up front” or “out of pocket” costs.

The surgery is paid for from the money I get from the car insurance companies for my clients’ injury cases; not by my clients from their own money. 

No monthly payments. 

A surgery lien includes no payments on the surgery bill by my injured clients during the pendency of the case (time between surgery and case paying out).

No credit damage.  

My clients have virtually no risk of credit damage from a medical bill because I have coordinated their surgery to be done on lien and the surgeon (and other healthcare provider) knows that I will pay their bill from the money received from my clients’ injury case. 

2. Credit Repair Referral.  If needed, however, I do refer my clients to a credit repair company to help them.  Sometimes, before I got involved in the case, a client’s credit is damaged by medical bills from the accident that were not paid either timely or even at all by their health insurance or PIP. 

By referring my clients to get credit repair I help them get back on the road to financial recovery too. 

3. Estate Planning Attorney Referral.  When my injured clients get a fairly sizeable amount of net money to them from their injury case, I refer them to an Estate Planning Attorney to advise them on how to plan their estate for themselves and their loved ones.

4.  Financial Advisor Referral.  Similar to #3, when my injured clients (or surviving family members if they lost a loved one in the accident) get a big amount of money from their injury case, I refer them to a financial advisor to help them grow their money and “make the most of it.” 

Many times the large amount of money some of my clients get is the most money they have ever had at one time in their entire lives and I want them to use it wisely for themselves and their loved ones now and in the future; and because they may not have that much money to invest again.  

5. Healthcare Provider ReferralsI refer my injured clients to healthcare providers such as surgeons, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and others for treatment.  The healthcare providers I refer my injured clients to are ones that I know, like and trust so that my clients receive quality care.  I have good business relationships with the healthcare providers I refer my injured clients to and we communicate well (confidentially) about my clients’ needs.

*Note: I do not get a share of the fee or a referral fee (“kickback”) for referring my clients to any of the professionals listed.  Utah attorneys are prohibited from getting any money for referring business, which I agree with.  I want to help you fully recover from the Life Impact of being injured and money is an important part of that recovery.  

6. Good Communication with My Injury Clients.  Good, honest communication is vital to the success and happiness of our personal and business relationships.  I have been told by some of my injured clients who came to me after working with other injury law firms that they “never get to talk to the attorney” and “did not get calls returned to them”. 

A few of the things I do on an injury case to have good communication are:

  1. Call or email my clients during their treatment to see how they are.
  2. Contact my clients around their surgery dates to check on them.
  3. Answer my clients’ questions about their case.
  4. Communicate with my clients’ healthcare providers about their care, records, diagnosis of their injuries, prognosis on the future of my clients’ injuries and healthcare needs and other matters. 
  5. Disclose all applicable insurance policy amounts to my clients. 
  6. Keep my clients updated periodically on the status of their case.
  7. Listen to my clients; their pain, struggles, challenges and dreams.
  8. Care about and appreciate my clients.  ‘Thank you’ cards, etc.


7. Reductions of Healthcare Liens.  I work diligently to get healthcare liens reduced for my clients so my clients get more money in their hands.  Although not all liens are reduced, it can mean thousands of dollars, or more, to my injured clients. 

8.  Reduce My Attorney Fee, If Necessary, to Help Clients.  We all liked to get paid in full what we have worked for and earned; I know I certainly do!  That being said, when a situation in an injury case is such that there simply is not enough money for my client to get any money at all (because the medical bills are high and the car insurance coverage is low), then, in my sole and absolute discretion, I may reduce my attorney fee to help my injured client.  It is very rare for me to reduce my fee on a case, but on very rare occasion I do.