To Talk or Not To Talk, That is The Question

To Talk or Not To Talk, That is The Question

If you have been in any type of vehicle accident, before you talk to an insurance representative about your claim there are some important things that you should know.

One, the job of the insurance claims rep is to not pay you any money for your injuries if possible.

Two, alternatively, the insurance rep wants to pay you as little money as you will agree to take, which will most certainly be much less than the true value of your accident case.

Three, the insurance claims rep will want to record the conversation you have with them. Why? For one main reason, namely because anything you say to an insurance claims rep about your injuries from your car accident, motorcycle accident or trucking accident will be used against you by the insurance company to pay you no money or as little money as possible. >

Four, the claims representative is not calling to “see how you are feeling” or to “help you”. No. The insurance claims representative is calling to find out how much money the insurance company they work for (because they do not work for you) may have to pay you.

Five, the insurance company representative works for the insurance company that employs them – not for you. So, their loyalty is to their employer (the insurance company) and actually against you; that’s their job.

Six, according to a study done in 2008, people who have been in a car accident and get injury lawyers to represent them get, on average, 3.5 (three and a half times) more net money (in their hands money after all medical bills, attorney fees and costs are paid) than those who do not.

Seven, do not talk to any insurance claims adjuster about your injuries from your car accident, trucking accident or motorcycle accident case.

Eight, do talk to an injury lawyer in a free consultation to learn about the process of an injury claim, getting an amount of money that is fair for your for your claim, and the overall strength and financial worth (value) of your case.