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If You Were Injured in a Vehicle Accident, I’ve Got You Covered

There are almost as many causes of car, motorcycle, truck, and bicycle accidents as there are drivers. If you were injured in a vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, I have the experience to take your case and fight for a successful outcome. Injury law is all I do and my clients benefit from this single-minded focus.

Car Accidents

You are a careful driver with a clean driving record, but that didn’t help you at all when a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned you. Now you are facing a long physical recovery and massive medical bills. The other driver was ticketed at the scene, and you know his insurance company should pay, but how will you pay your bills in the meantime? How can you make sure you get the maximum possible settlement? You need the experienced representation of injury attorney William Enoch Andrews.

Motorcycle Accidents

You don’t ride a motorcycle just for the thrill of it. For you, it is an economical way to commute to work and you appreciate the camaraderie you feel with other bikers. You have always been aware of the dangers you face when you ride—negligent motorists, unaware truck drivers, and poorly-designed intersections have led to many close calls. However, when you were hit and seriously injured, it still came as a big shock. Now you are unsure of your next steps. Make a call to William Enoch Andrews. He will walk you through the process of pursuing a successful accident claim.

Trucking Accidents

We all make mistakes as drivers; sometimes these mistakes lead to accidents and sometimes we are lucky and escape with no harm done. When a truck driver makes a mistake, however, the consequences are much more serious. When the driver of a 40-ton truck fails to see brake lights in front of him or changes lanes without checking his blind spots, the results can be deadly to surrounding motorists. If you are the victim of a truck driver’s error, you need the representation of an injury attorney with experience dealing with truck accident claims. Attorney William Enoch Andrews will give your case the personal attention you deserve.

Bicycle Accidents

Despite the fact that many motorists are annoyed by their presence, bicycles have every right to share the road with cars. While bicyclists are expected to follow the same traffic laws as cars, drivers are expected to keep a special eye out for bikes and give them plenty of room. When motorists fail to do this and a cyclist is injured or killed by a car, the driver of the car should be held accountable.

Just as they are vulnerable on the road, many bike accident victims are vulnerable as plaintiffs as well and, without experienced representation, they fail to get the compensation they deserve. Learn more about why bike accidents occur, how cyclists are injured, and how a bike accident attorney can help.

Accidental Death

You may see no point in pursuing a claim for compensation after your loved one is gone. After all, no amount of money will bring him back, so why do it? It might not be easy to think about the future right now, but if your loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you could be entitled to compensation that will cover medical bills, funeral expenses, damage to property, future earnings, your pain and suffering, and more. William Enoch Andrews knows that this is not an easy step to take, but with his help, you can start to put the pieces of your life back together again without the worry of a financial burden.

Dog Bites

Thankfully, a large majority of the estimated 75 million dogs in the U.S. are loyal, friendly companions. But when you come across one that is not and you are bitten or otherwise injured by the dog, you can take legal action against the dog’s owner under Utah law. Utah is among the states with some of the toughest dog bite laws in the country and, if you are the victim of a dog attack, these laws will ensure that you are compensated for your injuries and that the dog’s owner pays the price for not controlling a dangerous animal.