Overcoming Biker Bias for a Fair Settlement

Overcoming Biker Bias for a Fair Settlement

Find Out What Some People Really Think of Bikers and How That Could Hurt Your Claim

You’ve seen the looks you get when you park your bike outside a restaurant. People assume you are there to make trouble. Some even seem to be afraid of you. It might be amusing to you in the moment, but when that same person is called as a witness to your crash or, worse, is the insurance adjuster handling your claim, it’s not so funny anymore. Learn about some of the biases you face as a motorcyclist pursing an accident injury claim.

Four Stereotypes You May Have to Fight in Your Accident Claim

The Hells Angels, biker beach week, Sons of Anarchy—none of these images does much to improve the average person’s opinion of motorcyclists. When you are just a regular, upstanding citizen who happens to enjoy the open road, you may suffer unfairly because of these commonly-held beliefs about bikers:

1.All bikers are in a gang. While it’s true that riders sometimes enjoy riding in groups and may even belong to a club, the image of biker gangs is mostly a TV and movie creation. Many riding clubs put on annual charity rides and support local veterans’ groups. If you are a member of a riding club, you will need to make sure to sell the positive things you do to those deciding your accident claim.

2.Bikers are tough and mean. You just have to witness a charity ride to deliver stuffed animals to a children’s hospital to know this is not true. In fact, motorcycle riders are accused of road rage incidents much less frequently than drivers of cars. Even if you wear leather and have tattoos, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a fair shake when you are the victim of a crash.

3.Bikers aren’t smart. If low-cost commuting and easy parking aren’t smart, I don’t know what is! Many lawyers, doctors, and college professors ride motorcycles for various reasons and no one would argue that they are not smart. In fact, high-end sport bikes and big cruisers don’t come cheap, so you can bet their riders are not high school dropouts. As further proof, if you are considering hiring a motorcycle accident attorney for your recent crash, you are clearly at the top of your class!

4.Bikers are risk-takers. Sure, there are young riders on sport bikes who ride dangerously, but the majority of us are more aware of traffic laws and safe driving practices than many car drivers. In fact, ridership is increasing dramatically among women, and no one would argue that women are particular risk takers.

When motorists hold these negative beliefs about bikers, they are not likely to afford them much respect on the road. When people making decisions in your accident claim have them, you are not likely to get a fair settlement.

William Enoch Andrews Understands the Problem

As a biker himself, Mr. Andrews understands what you are going through as you try to pursue an accident claim in the face of negative stereotypes. That’s why you need him on your side. He can anticipate others’ reactions and make sure you get the fairest possible settlement.