Motorcycle Accidents

When Facing A Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim, You Need Experience On Your Side

Motorcyclists in the Salt Lake City area don’t have an easy go of it. Along with facing dangers on the road, they also often face bias and discrimination in court. When a biker is injured in an accident that was not his fault, he has an uphill battle ahead of him. That is why he needs the representation of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. William Enoch Andrews knows what it takes to present a successful motorcycle claim, and he will bring that experience and personal attention to your case.

Common Catastrophic Injuries Faced by Bikers

Motorcycle riders are obviously much more vulnerable to injury than drivers and passengers in cars. All of what makes riding a motorcycle such a thrilling and freeing experience is also what makes it risky. Knowing the risks that are out there, your best bet is to always wear protective gear and ride defensively. However, even when every safety precaution is taken, bikers face serious injuries when they crash, including…

  • Traumatic brain injury. Even while wearing a helmet, victims of motorcycle crashes can suffer serious traumatic brain injury. Without a helmet, these injuries are often fatal. Decreased cognitive function, loss of physical control, and the need for long-term care and rehabilitation are some of the more devastating effects of a brain injury.
  • Spinal cord damage. Bikers are particularly vulnerable to back injury and spinal cord damage as these areas are completely unprotected in a crash. Partial or complete paralysis can result from a spine injury in a motorcycle crash.
  • Broken bones. Protective gear often does not protect bones from shattering in a crash. Broken limbs, fractured hips, and cracked vertebrae can all result when a biker is thrown from his bike or run over by another vehicle.
  • Road rash. This scraping of the skin is often a minor injury only requiring first aid, but when infection sets in, it can become deadly serious.
  • Facial and dental injuries. When a rider is not wearing a helmet or wears only an open-face helmet, his facial bones and teeth can be cracked and broken when hitting the pavement or being hit by loose debris.
  • Eye injuries. A face shield or glasses can protect your eyes from injury when crashing or encountering flying objects while riding. Eye injuries can lead to partial or total blindness.
  • Amputations. A gruesome but not uncommon result of a catastrophic motorcycle crash, riders risk losing an arm or a leg when colliding with a car or a stationary object.

You will need the maximum possible compensation to treat these types of injuries, not to mention pay for future years of rehabilitation and therapy. You may not be able to achieve this kind of award when you take on the insurance company by yourself, but William Enoch Andrews can help.

How Motorists Cause Motorcycle Crashes

Granted, some motorcyclists take risks that lead to crashes, and there is no one else to blame. However, just because you choose to ride a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you are one of those riders. Very often, bikers are the most cautious and aware drivers on the road because their own safety requires it. It is drivers of cars and trucks that often endanger bikers by engaging in the following:

  • Distracted driving. Drivers who are using cellphones behind the wheel are oblivious to hazards right in front of them. As they can be hard to see even by observant drivers, bikers are at particular risk of being hit by distracted drivers.
  • Speeding. When a motorist is exceeding the speed limit, he is less likely to see a motorcycle making a lane change or entering a roadway…and less able to stop in time before causing a collision.
  • Aggressive driving. Some drivers seem to hold a grudge against bikers. When their personal bias takes the form of road rage or aggression against a motorcyclist, the biker is in danger of being the victim of an accident that leaves him seriously injured.
  • Driver mistakes. Making a right turn on red, pulling out of a driveway, entering a roundabout, and changing lanes on the highway are all opportunities for motorists to cut off motorcyclists. Whether it happens because the driver did not see the biker or because the driver has no respect for bikers and is unwilling to share the road, the fault lies with the driver when an accident is the end result.

Call William Enoch Andrews for Reliable Representation

Mr. Andrews has successfully represented many motorcyclists who have been injured in crashes with cars in the Salt Lake City area. He understands the unique challenges bikers face when seeking justice. He will see to it that you first receive the medical treatment you need, and then will pursue a settlement that will cover those costs. Click the link on this page to connect with him now.