Motorcycle Accident Tips

Motorcycle Accident Tips

If you, or a family member or friend, like to ride motorcycles, like I do, it is very important that you be very well protected when you ride; that you be very well insured by having high motorcycle insurance coverage; and that you know what steps to take if you get into a motorcycle accident.

First, be very well protected. Always wear a motorcycle helmet to protect your very valuable brain. Our brains are the “computer” for our bodies and if our computer gets hurt or damaged, then many problems happen. So, please always wear a quality motorcycle helmet that fits you properly and require that all passengers riding with you on your motorcyle wear good helmet that fits them. You may also want to consider wearing a leather jacket (I have a Harley-Davidson leather jacket that I like wearing when I ride my motorcycle), motorcycle boots, chaps and gloves. It is up to you, but the point is protect your head and your body when riding a motorcycle.

Second, be very well insured. If you are riding a motorcycle on the highway and get hit by a person driving a car or truck – or worse yet by a semi, big rig or trucking company truck – you can easily be killed and at a minimum experience catastrophic injuries that will change your life and health. Either way, you and your family will never be the same. The question is: are you well insured?

Most people are not well insured and one of the saddest things I experience as an injury lawyer here in Salt Lake City, Utah is when a person had died from a car wreck or motorcycle accident and they are not well insured.

So, right now, please go look at your motorcycle insurance policy. On the “Dec Page” (Declarations Page) you will see what type of coverage you have.

I recommend you have $250,000.00 “BI” (Bodily Injury) coverage per person and $500,000.00 per accident AND a $1M (One Million Dollar) “Umbrella” coverage policy that goes over your motorcycle (and cars, trucks, etc.) and home; it is usually only around $200.00 a year, yes, a year here in Utah. Never have less than $100k per person / $300k per accident BI limits, please.

I also recommend you increase your PIP (“Personal Injury Protection”) coverage to $25k, $50k or even $100k PIP ) to help pay your medical bills easier at the time of a motorcycle accident. Please get well insured immediately; if tragedy strikes you and your family will be glad you did.

Third, what steps to take if you get into a motorcycle accident. If you get into a motorcycle accident take these steps (if you are able to do them):


Get out of traffic (so you will not risk further injury by being hit by another vehicle).

Call 911 for emergency help.

Help others if they are injured more than you, but don’t do anything you are not qualified to do.

Get immediate medical care at an ER.

Follow the advice of your doctors and treat consistently until they release you from care.

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