What is PIP?

What is PIP?

PIP is an acronym for “Personal Injury Protection”.  PIP is the part of your car insurance policy that helps pay your medical bills, and other healthcare bills, if you are in a car accident.Other names for PIP are “med pay” (because it pays for medical bills and healthcare bills from a car accident) and “no fault” pay, because your PIP can be used to pay for injuries you have because of a vehicle accident you caused.

You should increase your PIP coverage from the minimum $3,000.00 coverage required by the State of Utah to $25,000.00, $50,000.00 or $100,000.00 if your insurance carrier offers it.  Why?  Increasing your PIP will help get your medical bills and other healthcare bills for injuries from your car accident paid easier and faster.

PIP works by paying your medical bills from a car accident directly to the healthcare provider, usually without you being involved at all in the process.  So, having high PIP coverage is a nice convenience for you.

Call your car insurance company today and increase your PIP coverage as I have recommended.  With an easy 5-10 minute telephone call you and your family will be much better protected.

It should only cost you a small amount of money per month than you are already paying and it will give you much better coverage for getting your medical bills paid if you are in a serious car accident, motorcycle accident or trucking accident.