Should I Talk To An Insurance Rep About My Car Accident?

Should I Talk To An Insurance Rep About My Car Accident?

If you are seriously injured or a loved one suffered a wrongful death or accidental death in a trucking accident, car accident or motocycle accident you will probably be called by both the insurance company of the person that caused the accident (the “tortfeasor”) and your own insurance company too.  When this happens, many people wonder if they should talk to the claims representatives of either insurance company?  Just their own insurance company? Neither?

Understand that the claims representatives for any insurance company, yours or the other person’s, work for the company that employs them, and not for you.  The loyalty of insurance claims representatives is to their employer, the insurance company, and again, not to you.

Know that the main reason any insurance company claims representative is calling you is to:

1) Pay you no money at all, if in any way possible;

or, in the alternative

2) Pay you as little money as possible that they can get you to accept.  

How do insurance companies do this?  By exploiting your lack of knowledge and understanding about your rights, what questions to ask, legal time limits, personal injury law, the information that insurance companies are required by law to give you if you ask but not required to tell you if you do not.  Also, statutory law, case law, civil procedure and other important matters to protect your rights and get you a fair result.

Recorded Statements.  Claims representatives for insurance companies want to record your statements (their conversations with you).  Why?  To use it against you.  

DO NOT TALK WITH ANY INSURANCE CLAIMS REPRESENTATIVE from any insurance company if you have been seriously injured or a loved one suffered a wrongful death (accidental death) in a trucking accident, car accident.

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