How Do I Get My Car Accident Medical Bills Paid?

How Do I Get My Car Accident Medical Bills Paid?

Here are some ways to get your medical bills for injuries sustained in a car accident in Utah:1-PIP (Personal Injury Protection).  PIP is part of your car insurance policy and Utah has a $3,000.00 state minimum amount of PIP that will help pay some of your medical bills from the car accident.Tip: You should increase your PIP coverage on your car insurance policy to $25k, $50k or even $100k to help you get more of your medical bills from your car accident paid easier, if you should need it in the future.2-Health Insurance.  Your health insurance should help pay your medical bills for treatment you received for injuries sustained in a car accident.  So, please make sure you submit all of your medical bills to your health insurance, as well as all other healthcare bills and/or treatment for injuries from your car wreck.Note: most health insurance companies and policies have a right to reimbursement (called a “subrogation lien”) for a portion of the medical costs paid out on your case; however, please still submit all of your healthcare bills from your car accident to your own health insurance.

3-Healthcare Lien.  A healthcare lien works like this: a healthcare provider, like a medical doctor or chiropractor will give you the medical care that you need up front with no out-of-pocket costs to you and no monthly payment to you, have you read and sign a lien (a document promising payment) and, if I represent you I will review the document and make sure it is good and fair to you; then the healthcare given by the medical doctor or chiropractor or physician’s assistant can be paid for out of the money I get for your from the insurance company or companies involved in your case when your case settles.

Note: I get many of my clients’ medical care and other healthcare treatment done on lien.

Note: the benefits of a healthcare lien are great; as mentioned above,

1. No out-of-pocket costs to you,

2. No monthly payment;

3. You get the the healthcare you need to recover from your injuries;

4. If you do not have health insurance a healthcare lien allows you to still get the medical care you need;

5. If you do have health insurance but your deductible cost, or out-of-pocket costs are too high for you to get surgery, a healthcare lien again allows you to get all the healthcare you need

6. Your medical bills are all paid when I get money from the insurance company or comapnies involved in your case.  So, much less chance of damaging your credit also.

7. Surgery done on lien.  I get surgeries done on lien for my seriously injured clients.  It is a great blessing and service for my clients that I am happy to help them by providing.

8. You focus on healing.  I will work to get you all the medical care you need on lien so you can be at peace.