Educating My Car Accident Clients

Educating My Car Accident Clients

Educating my car accident clients is a very important part of repesenting them in their trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident case.

Some of the many things I educate my injured clients about are listed below.

1) Get Higher Bodily Injury (“BI”) Policy Limits because they usually don’t have enough coverage for serious or especially catastrophic injuries or death cases; so if tragedy strikes again, they are much better prepared. One of the saddest situations I deal with as an injury lawyer is a client not having high enough amounts of insurance coverage.

2) Change Insurance Companies, if needed. As an injury lawyer I can tell you some insurance companies are more friendly, fair, reasonable, financially strong and professional when you have been in an accident or lost a loved one than others. Period.

I recommend my injury clients change their insurance company if the one they had at the time of the accident is a low-quality one. I do that so if my clients are ever in another accident they have a better quality insurance company the next time. I get no financial benefit of any kind for recommending any insurance company. I simply want my injured clients to be treated better in the future if tragedy should strike again.

3) Make Sure Your Bodily Injury (“BI”) Insurance Coverage Lines Match. I recommend clients have their Liability, UM (UNinsured Motorist) and UIM (UnderInsured Motorist) policy limits coverage are increased (which is usually very much needed) and that they all match (have the same amount of coverage) so they are prepared with good coverage for whatever accident situation may happen.

Some insurance companies’ sales agents tell people to lower one or more of their injury coverages, UM and/or UIM, even below state minimums to “save money” – don’t do it; it can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you get in an serious car accident. Please don’t step over hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a few dollars a month – have high bodily injury policy limits coverage and make sure all coverage types match. You will be glad you did.

4) Increase Your “PIP” (Personal Injury Protection) coverage to $25k, $50k or even $100k so more of your medical bills can get paid easier and faster by your car insurance company if a wrongful death, accidental death, trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident happens to you, a beloved family member or a friend in the future.

5) Property Damage / Car Repair: (A) Increase your property damage coverage, if needed. (B) You can generally go where you want You do not have to go to an insurance company’s “approved” auto repair shop. Such “approved” shops can be “cut rate”, low quality places of business “approved” because they charge the insurance company that refers people to them much less than quality auto repair shops do.

6) Know Your Insurance Policy and Read Any Updates You Get. Your car insurance policy will often control many important factors in your case. Read it. Know how it affects you. Read every update you get from your insurance company, it can often include very important changes the terms of your insurance policy that directly affect your life.