Driving Safely Around Big Trucks

Driving Safely Around Big Trucks

When a big truck is involved in a crash, we tend to blame the truck driver. After all, he’s the big guy on the road and should be extra-cautious to protect the much more vulnerable small cars around him, right?

The reality is, truck drivers and truck malfunctions are to blame in roughly half of all accidents involving semi-trucks. The other half are caused by either road conditions or the careless driving of motorists sharing the road with them. You can protect yourself from truck driver error or making dangerous mistakes yourself by following our tips for sharing the road with big rigs.

What to Do When Driving With Big Trucks

Semi-trucks behave differently on highways and local roads because they are bigger, less maneuverable, and slower than the average car. When driving around them, take the following precautions:

  • Be aware of blind spots. Even small cars have blind spots. You’ve probably been in a situation where you went to change lanes only to find someone had been sitting in your blind spot. The blind areas around trucks are extensive and if you are cruising down the highway in a truck’s blind spot, you are putting yourself at risk. As truckers themselves warn, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you.
  • Leave extra space between you and the truck. When pulling into a lane in front of a truck, do not make the move until you can see the truck’s entire cab in your rearview mirror. Trucks cannot stop quickly and if you cut in too close, they will not be able to avoid hitting you.
  • Be prepared for anything. When cruising behind a truck or passing one on the highway, be aware that truck tires can blow out without warning and loads can shift or come loose at any time. Trucks can also easily lose control when swerving around obstacles that you might not be able to see. Your best bet is to avoid long periods of driving next to or behind big rigs whenever possible.

When a truck driver is distracted, careless, or under the influence of prescription drugs, it won’t matter what you do to avoid an accident, you could still be a victim. When this happens, you need an experienced truck accident attorney.

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