Don’t Wait To Make A Car Accident Claim

Don’t Wait To Make A Car Accident Claim

Don’t Wait To Long to Make An Injury Claim for financial compensation for a death or injuries in a trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident or your time to make your claim will run out / expire and will be barred.  

(Legal Time Limits or “SOL”)

In injury law, there are time limits also called Statutes Of Limitation (“SOL”).  Another name for SOL is a legal deadline, a time within which something must be done.  For example, in injury law a very important SOL is the date by which a Complaint must be filed in a court in Utah so the time limit for your claim does not become barred, which means run out.  A complaint must be filed in court, not just a claim made with an insurance company.

If a complaint is not filed in court within the SOL, then the legal matter is “barred”, meaning it cannot be brought before any court because the time for doing so has ran out.  You are then prohibited from even making a claim for your injuries from the accident.

Therefore, it is very important that you immediately get an injury lawyer to help you with your injury case.  If you wait too long, you will not be able to bring an injury claim at all and will not get any financial compensation.

Utah law has a four (4) year SOL for car accidents, as a general rule (UCA §78B-2-307(3))

However, those four (4) years may be reduced to as little as one (1) year.  If, for example, the State of Utah, or a county or city in Utah is the defendant in the case, the SOL is reduced to one (1) year and requires a NOC (Notice Of Claim) to be filed with the right person in the right department at the city, county or state.

There are other exceptions that can apply and reduce the SOL.   Generally, however, there is a 4-Year SOL for car accidents in Utah.

The 4-Year SOL does not begin to run until the injured person is 18 years old and mentally competent.  If, for example a sixteen-year-old (16) driver is injured and a ten-year-old passenger is injured.  In that scenario, the driver will have a total of six (6) years and the passenger a total of twelve (12) years, respectively, from the date of the car accident, to make an injury claim.

Please act immediately.  Don’t let the SOL for your accident case run out.


1-Protect Your Rights

2-So the SOL for your accident does not run out.

                        3-Get quality, professional legal representation and fair financial compensation for your injuries.