Don’t Try To Settle Your Accident Case On Your Own

Don’t Try To Settle Your Accident Case On Your Own

Don’t Settle Your Accident Case Without an Injury Lawyer

A common mistake some people make is trying to settletheir injury claim by themselves without an injury lawyer to help them. Please don’t do this, it isa very big mistake that will often cost youa great amount of money on their case.

Insurance claims adjusters for car insurance companies will exploit your lack of knowledge of the value of your injury claim and pay you nothing, if possible, or alternatively, pay you the lowest amount of money they can get you to accept; that, sadly, is their job. Your lack of knowledge about personal injury law, the full “Life Impact” ofyour injuries and the true value of your claim will cost you thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another problem that people who have been injured in a car accident also do isquickly settle their trucking acccident, car accident or motorcycle accident claimby signing a release with an insurance company before they have been evaluated by a medical doctor or met with an injury lawyer. If you do this, you will not know your injuries and your legal rights. Claims adjusters for insurance companies like it when injured people do this because then they can pay the injured person much less than the fairvalue of their case.

The fact is immediately after you have been injured in a car accident, you don’t know what injures you have, or how serious – both now and in the future – the injuries you have are. You also cannot know what injuries you may have that manifest (“show up”)later. A good medical doctor can help you with this by giving you a good medical evalaution after your accident.If you sign a release too soon after an accident, you may lose your chance to receive fair financial compensation.

A reality is that most injured victims are struggling financially and want to get money as soon as they can. Immediately. Insurance claims adjusters know this and exploit it by offering a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand dollars, often knowing the case is valued atmuchmore.

The truth is that insurance companies and their claims adjusters are not legally obligated to tell you things you should know about your injury case. They do not volunteer information that you don’t ask about. They will not tell you any more than the absolute minimum that Utah law requires them to tell you.

If, without meeting with an injury attorney you sign a release and accept a settlement payment from an insurance company, you may give up your legal rights for an injury attorney to help you with your case later.

However, if you do sign a Release and the following situation applies, it may be voidable under Utah Code Annotated §75B-5-812:

“(1) Anyrelease of liability or settlement agreement entered into within a period of 15 days from the date of an occurrence causing physical injury to any person, or entered into prior to the initial discharge of the person from any hospital or sanitarium in which the injured person is confined as a result of the injuries sustained in the occurrence, is voidable…”

So, contact me for a free consultation, either on the telephone or in person in my office. I can help you by talking with you about your injuries and your accident claim, educate you about basicinjury law and the process of an injury claim,protect your rights and work to get a good result for you in your case.