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20 Sep 2016

Get Medical Care Immediately After A Car Accident

If you get injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident or big truck accident, immediately get treated by a medical doctor. Do not wait. Waiting can greatly harm your your health and your injury case. Period.

Get medical care ASAP (As Soon As Possible)after your accident even if you think you “feel fine”. Often people who have been injured in a trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident think they “feel fine”,don’t get treated and find out weeks or months later that they have injuries, sometimes serious injuries, they were not aware of.

Over the years as an injury lawyer, I have spoken with people who have been injured in accidents and waited for weeks or months before visiting a medical doctor and getting evaluated and treated for their injuries.

Some people said“I just wanted to tough it out.” Or “I didn’t think it was that bad.” Or “I didn’t think I was hurt badly.” Or “I didn’t think my medical bills would be paid for if I got treated for my injuries from the car wreck.”

Too often these injured people are living in pain – sometimes severe pain – thinking they are “just fine” and/or simply not knowing what to do. Unfortunatelythey are suffering,not getting the healthcare they need and – as if all that wasn’t hard enough – they are damaging their injury case from a legal standpoint, even though they are injured and it is factually clear their injuries were caused by the negligence of another person.

Two Problems Caused By Not Getting Medical Care Immediately After Your Car Accident:

1. Your Health. Delaying medical treatment harms your health by causingyou to suffer pain needlessly and can cause unknown injuries to worsen.

2. Your Injury Case. Your injury case will be weakened and you may even lose your chance to have an injury case at all if you fail to get medical care immediately after your car accident.

Why? When you delay your medical care after being injured in a car accident, both claims insuranceadjusters and insurance defense lawyers will use it against you.

How? By claiming a couple of things, among others. One, if you were “really injured from the accident” you would have got medical care sooner.

Two, that your injuries were caused byanother activity not related to the car accident that happened afterthe car accident and beforeyou started treating (falling down stairs, sports,athletic activities, etc.). Both reasons stated are to pay you nomoney, or as little as they can get you to accept.

Two Solutions:

#1. Get medical care immediately after your truck accident, car accident or motorcycle accident for your health and your injury case.

#2. Call me at 801-322-HURT (4878) for a Free Initial Consultation and Case Review to protect your legal rights, greatly reduce your stress and get fair financial compensation.

18 Aug 2016

Don’t Try To Settle Your Accident Case On Your Own

Don’t Settle Your Accident Case Without an Injury Lawyer

A common mistake some people make is trying to settletheir injury claim by themselves without an injury lawyer to help them. Please don’t do this, it isa very big mistake that will often cost youa great amount of money on their case.

Insurance claims adjusters for car insurance companies will exploit your lack of knowledge of the value of your injury claim and pay you nothing, if possible, or alternatively, pay you the lowest amount of money they can get you to accept; that, sadly, is their job. Your lack of knowledge about personal injury law, the full “Life Impact” ofyour injuries and the true value of your claim will cost you thousands, tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another problem that people who have been injured in a car accident also do isquickly settle their trucking acccident, car accident or motorcycle accident claimby signing a release with an insurance company before they have been evaluated by a medical doctor or met with an injury lawyer. If you do this, you will not know your injuries and your legal rights. Claims adjusters for insurance companies like it when injured people do this because then they can pay the injured person much less than the fairvalue of their case.

The fact is immediately after you have been injured in a car accident, you don’t know what injures you have, or how serious – both now and in the future – the injuries you have are. You also cannot know what injuries you may have that manifest (“show up”)later. A good medical doctor can help you with this by giving you a good medical evalaution after your accident.If you sign a release too soon after an accident, you may lose your chance to receive fair financial compensation.

A reality is that most injured victims are struggling financially and want to get money as soon as they can. Immediately. Insurance claims adjusters know this and exploit it by offering a few hundred dollars, or a few thousand dollars, often knowing the case is valued atmuchmore.

The truth is that insurance companies and their claims adjusters are not legally obligated to tell you things you should know about your injury case. They do not volunteer information that you don’t ask about. They will not tell you any more than the absolute minimum that Utah law requires them to tell you.

If, without meeting with an injury attorney you sign a release and accept a settlement payment from an insurance company, you may give up your legal rights for an injury attorney to help you with your case later.

However, if you do sign a Release and the following situation applies, it may be voidable under Utah Code Annotated §75B-5-812:

“(1) Anyrelease of liability or settlement agreement entered into within a period of 15 days from the date of an occurrence causing physical injury to any person, or entered into prior to the initial discharge of the person from any hospital or sanitarium in which the injured person is confined as a result of the injuries sustained in the occurrence, is voidable…”

So, contact me for a free consultation, either on the telephone or in person in my office. I can help you by talking with you about your injuries and your accident claim, educate you about basicinjury law and the process of an injury claim,protect your rights and work to get a good result for you in your case.

05 Aug 2016

What is PIP? How much PIP Should I Have? How do I Increase My PIP?

PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

1. What is PIP?

PIP is an acronym for Personal Injury Protection and is the part of your car insurance coverage (or policy) that pays your medical bills if you are injured in a car accident, trucking accident or motorcycle accident.

2. How Much PIP Should I Have?

I strongly recommend you haveat least $25,000.00 of PIP coverage andthat you get $50,000.00 and even$100,000.00 if the car insurance company offers it. The more PIP coverage you have the faster and easier your medical bills should be paid by your car insurance company, this is, of course, in addition to the medical bills that will be paid by your health insurance company.

3. Increase your PIP with a quick telephone call toyour car insurance company and telling them the amount of PIP you want.

With just a quick telephone call to your car insurance company you can increase your PIP coverage by telling them the amount of PIP coverage you want.PIP payments are usually many timeslesscost per month on your car insurance policy than are health insurance costs. So, it is less expensive to you to have a high PIP coverage and yet you can still get tens of thousands of dollars of your medical bills paid for if you are seriously injured in a car accident, trucking accident, or motorcycle accident.

In Utah, $3,000.00 is the state minimum PIP coverage which may be used for medical bills or death from the accident; the lesser of $250.00 per week or 85% of gross income loss for up to 52 weeks; up to $20.00 per day for household services up to 1 year; and funeral services. (UCA §31A-22-307). However, as stated above in this article, you should have much more PIP coverage than the state minimum.

Many people only have the $3,000.00 PIP minimum. Again, as stated previously in this article, I strongly recommend that you please increase your PIP to $25k, $50k, or even $100k because doing so will help to get your medical bills paid easier if you are ever in a serious car wreck. As stated above, increase your PIP by simply calling your car insurance company and telling them the amount of PIP you want.

In Summary:

1-PIP is Personal Injury Protection that helps payyour medical / healthcare bills when you are injured in a trucking, car or motorcycle accident.

2-Have at least $25k,$50k and up to $100k of PIP coverage.

3-Increase your PIP coverage amount by callingyour insurance company. If you are in a car wreck you will be glad you increased you PIP.

05 Aug 2016

Educating My Car Accident Clients

Educating my car accident clients is a very important part of repesenting them in their trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident case.

Some of the many things I educate my injured clients about are listed below.

1) Get Higher Bodily Injury (“BI”) Policy Limits because they usually don’t have enough coverage for serious or especially catastrophic injuries or death cases; so if tragedy strikes again, they are much better prepared. One of the saddest situations I deal with as an injury lawyer is a client not having high enough amounts of insurance coverage.

2) Change Insurance Companies, if needed. As an injury lawyer I can tell you some insurance companies are more friendly, fair, reasonable, financially strong and professional when you have been in an accident or lost a loved one than others. Period.

I recommend my injury clients change their insurance company if the one they had at the time of the accident is a low-quality one. I do that so if my clients are ever in another accident they have a better quality insurance company the next time. I get no financial benefit of any kind for recommending any insurance company. I simply want my injured clients to be treated better in the future if tragedy should strike again.

3) Make Sure Your Bodily Injury (“BI”) Insurance Coverage Lines Match. I recommend clients have their Liability, UM (UNinsured Motorist) and UIM (UnderInsured Motorist) policy limits coverage are increased (which is usually very much needed) and that they all match (have the same amount of coverage) so they are prepared with good coverage for whatever accident situation may happen.

Some insurance companies’ sales agents tell people to lower one or more of their injury coverages, UM and/or UIM, even below state minimums to “save money” – don’t do it; it can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you get in an serious car accident. Please don’t step over hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a few dollars a month – have high bodily injury policy limits coverage and make sure all coverage types match. You will be glad you did.

4) Increase Your “PIP” (Personal Injury Protection) coverage to $25k, $50k or even $100k so more of your medical bills can get paid easier and faster by your car insurance company if a wrongful death, accidental death, trucking accident, car accident or motorcycle accident happens to you, a beloved family member or a friend in the future.

5) Property Damage / Car Repair: (A) Increase your property damage coverage, if needed. (B) You can generally go where you want You do not have to go to an insurance company’s “approved” auto repair shop. Such “approved” shops can be “cut rate”, low quality places of business “approved” because they charge the insurance company that refers people to them much less than quality auto repair shops do.

6) Know Your Insurance Policy and Read Any Updates You Get. Your car insurance policy will often control many important factors in your case. Read it. Know how it affects you. Read every update you get from your insurance company, it can often include very important changes the terms of your insurance policy that directly affect your life.

15 Jul 2016

Some Things I Do As an Injury Lawyer That Are Unique

Some Things I Do As An Injury Lawyer  That Are Unique

Fewer injury cases = more personal care and attention. 

*I only take a limited number of personal injury cases each year so I can give special care and personal attention to each one of my clients’ cases. 

            *I don’t take every case.  I believe in quality, not quantity. 

            *I personally work on your injury case.  If I take your case I work on it. 

            Some high volume injury law firms take what I consider to be too many injury cases, don’t give proper care and attention to each case and even use paralegals and other staff members to communicate with insurance companies and even try to negotiate settlement of the claims.  That is not in your best interest. 

            If I take your injury case, I will work on it personally to settle it, resolve it in mediation, arbitration or litigation whatever is in your best interest. 


Examples of Some Things I Do Differently to Help My Injured Clients


  1. Surgery and Other Healthcare Done on Lien.  I work diligently with surgeons, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other healthcare providers to get my injured clients’ medical care and even surgery done on lien.  

Over my years as an injury lawyer I have developed good relationships with the healthcare providers listed so they know me and trust me to make sure they get paid for the work they do. 

Getting my injured clients’ surgery done on lien, for injuries from their car accident, when needed, is a big benefit to my injured clients because they may not otherwise be able to get the surgery the need at all. 

Some people don’t have health insurance, or if their health insurance deductible has not been met and is so high that they cannot afford to pay it to get surgery. 

Or, if they did get surgery through their health insurance they could not afford to pay their portion of the cost of surgery.  Many health insurance plans are “80/20” meaning your health insurance will pay for 80% of the cost of surgery (and other medical care) but you have to pay 20% of it, until your “OOP” (Out Of Pocket) Maximum is met; many people cannot.

No “up front” or “out of pocket” costs.

The surgery is paid for from the money I get from the car insurance companies for my clients’ injury cases; not by my clients from their own money. 

No monthly payments. 

A surgery lien includes no payments on the surgery bill by my injured clients during the pendency of the case (time between surgery and case paying out).

No credit damage.  

My clients have virtually no risk of credit damage from a medical bill because I have coordinated their surgery to be done on lien and the surgeon (and other healthcare provider) knows that I will pay their bill from the money received from my clients’ injury case. 

2. Credit Repair Referral.  If needed, however, I do refer my clients to a credit repair company to help them.  Sometimes, before I got involved in the case, a client’s credit is damaged by medical bills from the accident that were not paid either timely or even at all by their health insurance or PIP. 

By referring my clients to get credit repair I help them get back on the road to financial recovery too. 

3. Estate Planning Attorney Referral.  When my injured clients get a fairly sizeable amount of net money to them from their injury case, I refer them to an Estate Planning Attorney to advise them on how to plan their estate for themselves and their loved ones.

4.  Financial Advisor Referral.  Similar to #3, when my injured clients (or surviving family members if they lost a loved one in the accident) get a big amount of money from their injury case, I refer them to a financial advisor to help them grow their money and “make the most of it.” 

Many times the large amount of money some of my clients get is the most money they have ever had at one time in their entire lives and I want them to use it wisely for themselves and their loved ones now and in the future; and because they may not have that much money to invest again.  

5. Healthcare Provider ReferralsI refer my injured clients to healthcare providers such as surgeons, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and others for treatment.  The healthcare providers I refer my injured clients to are ones that I know, like and trust so that my clients receive quality care.  I have good business relationships with the healthcare providers I refer my injured clients to and we communicate well (confidentially) about my clients’ needs.

*Note: I do not get a share of the fee or a referral fee (“kickback”) for referring my clients to any of the professionals listed.  Utah attorneys are prohibited from getting any money for referring business, which I agree with.  I want to help you fully recover from the Life Impact of being injured and money is an important part of that recovery.  

6. Good Communication with My Injury Clients.  Good, honest communication is vital to the success and happiness of our personal and business relationships.  I have been told by some of my injured clients who came to me after working with other injury law firms that they “never get to talk to the attorney” and “did not get calls returned to them”. 

A few of the things I do on an injury case to have good communication are:

  1. Call or email my clients during their treatment to see how they are.
  2. Contact my clients around their surgery dates to check on them.
  3. Answer my clients’ questions about their case.
  4. Communicate with my clients’ healthcare providers about their care, records, diagnosis of their injuries, prognosis on the future of my clients’ injuries and healthcare needs and other matters. 
  5. Disclose all applicable insurance policy amounts to my clients. 
  6. Keep my clients updated periodically on the status of their case.
  7. Listen to my clients; their pain, struggles, challenges and dreams.
  8. Care about and appreciate my clients.  ‘Thank you’ cards, etc.


7. Reductions of Healthcare Liens.  I work diligently to get healthcare liens reduced for my clients so my clients get more money in their hands.  Although not all liens are reduced, it can mean thousands of dollars, or more, to my injured clients. 

8.  Reduce My Attorney Fee, If Necessary, to Help Clients.  We all liked to get paid in full what we have worked for and earned; I know I certainly do!  That being said, when a situation in an injury case is such that there simply is not enough money for my client to get any money at all (because the medical bills are high and the car insurance coverage is low), then, in my sole and absolute discretion, I may reduce my attorney fee to help my injured client.  It is very rare for me to reduce my fee on a case, but on very rare occasion I do. 

05 Jul 2016

What do you do when your family suffers a death from a motorcycle accident?

You have suffered the loss of a loved family member or other loved one due to a motorcycle accident. What do you do now? What are the steps you need to take to protect your family during this time of tragedy? Here are some tips to help you during this challenging time in your life.

First, do not talk to any insurance claims adjuster – even one from your own insurance comapny – about the accident and the loss of your family member. Why not? One main reason: the insurance claims adjuster’s job is to not pay you any money for your loss. As harsh, mean and unjust as that is, it is the truth. The employees of the insurance company, your insurance company or the person who caused the accident and death, will try to pay you nothing during your time of tragedy. Also, anything you do say to any insurance claims adjuster will be used against you if later to try to pay you nothing.

Second, do contact an attorney that focuses exclusively on injury law to help you. Why? To protect your rights; to represent your best interest; to make sure you get fair financial compensation for your tragic loss of your loved one and to educate you through the process of a motorcycle wrongful death or motorcycle accidental death.

Third, the “estate” must be handled. Understand that with a motorcycle accident death – as with any type of vehicle accident death – the case is different than a serious motorcycle accident because a person died. So, the estate of the decedent (person who died in the motorcycle accident) needs to be handled through the appropriate court so that all assets (money, real estate, other things of value) are distributed in a legal and fair way.

If the person who suffered the motorcycle accident death had a valid “Living Will” or “Trust” then that document will state how the decedent’s assets are to be distributed to family, friends, etc. If there is no Will or Trust, then the “Laws of Intestacy” of the State of Utah will state how the assets are to be distributed, usually to biological “heirs” (wife, children) and sometimes “heirs at law”; heirs who may not be biologically related but may be related by adoption, marriage and other situations. So, it is always best to have a Will or Trust so you can control how your assets will be distributed if you or a loved one dies in a motocycle accident.

24 Jun 2016

Motorcycle Accident Tips

If you, or a family member or friend, like to ride motorcycles, like I do, it is very important that you be very well protected when you ride; that you be very well insured by having high motorcycle insurance coverage; and that you know what steps to take if you get into a motorcycle accident.

First, be very well protected. Always wear a motorcycle helmet to protect your very valuable brain. Our brains are the “computer” for our bodies and if our computer gets hurt or damaged, then many problems happen. So, please always wear a quality motorcycle helmet that fits you properly and require that all passengers riding with you on your motorcyle wear good helmet that fits them. You may also want to consider wearing a leather jacket (I have a Harley-Davidson leather jacket that I like wearing when I ride my motorcycle), motorcycle boots, chaps and gloves. It is up to you, but the point is protect your head and your body when riding a motorcycle.

Second, be very well insured. If you are riding a motorcycle on the highway and get hit by a person driving a car or truck – or worse yet by a semi, big rig or trucking company truck – you can easily be killed and at a minimum experience catastrophic injuries that will change your life and health. Either way, you and your family will never be the same. The question is: are you well insured?

Most people are not well insured and one of the saddest things I experience as an injury lawyer here in Salt Lake City, Utah is when a person had died from a car wreck or motorcycle accident and they are not well insured.

So, right now, please go look at your motorcycle insurance policy. On the “Dec Page” (Declarations Page) you will see what type of coverage you have.

I recommend you have $250,000.00 “BI” (Bodily Injury) coverage per person and $500,000.00 per accident AND a $1M (One Million Dollar) “Umbrella” coverage policy that goes over your motorcycle (and cars, trucks, etc.) and home; it is usually only around $200.00 a year, yes, a year here in Utah. Never have less than $100k per person / $300k per accident BI limits, please.

I also recommend you increase your PIP (“Personal Injury Protection”) coverage to $25k, $50k or even $100k PIP ) to help pay your medical bills easier at the time of a motorcycle accident. Please get well insured immediately; if tragedy strikes you and your family will be glad you did.

Third, what steps to take if you get into a motorcycle accident. If you get into a motorcycle accident take these steps (if you are able to do them):


Get out of traffic (so you will not risk further injury by being hit by another vehicle).

Call 911 for emergency help.

Help others if they are injured more than you, but don’t do anything you are not qualified to do.

Get immediate medical care at an ER.

Follow the advice of your doctors and treat consistently until they release you from care.

Get a free copy of my accident book 8 Wrong Turns That Will Wreck Your Utah Car Accident Case and How to Prevent Them.

Contact me to get a free consultation to protect your rights and get you fair financial compensation for your motorcycle accident.

24 Jun 2016

Life Impact of Being Seriously Injured or Losing a Loved One in a Car Accident, Trucking Accident or Motorcycle Accident

“Life Impact” of Being Injured in an Auto Accident

Being seriously injured or losing a loved one in a car accident, trucking accident or motorcycle accident is like many things in life, unless and until you go through it and experience it yourself, you really have no idea what it is truly like.  Being seriously injured in a car accident affects your life Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and Financially – Life Impact.


The most obvious part the Life Impact of being injured is, of course, the physical part – the physical injuries you suffer.   However, what is not commonly known is how much an injured back, neck, knee or shoulder, etc. impacts an injured person overall quality of life daily.

What could you do before the accident that you cannot do now?  What could you do without pain before the accident that now is painful and/or you can only do a little. That is the physical Life Impact.

The age of a person can be a major factor in how the physical injury impacts him or her.  Generally speaking, the younger a person is the better they are able to recover from their injuries and the older a person is the more devastating a serious injury is.

The health a person can make a significant difference in how a serious injury changes their life.  If a person is healthy at the time they are injured, then that person may heal more easily from their injuries and a serious injury may sometimes be able to be overcome.  If a person is already dealing with a serious medical condition at the time they are injured in a car accident, then what would ordinarily be a small injury can become a major life-changing injury.


Being injured is mentally stressful.  You are dealing with something that you have not dealt with before and know very little about.  Add to that phone calls from your insurance company and the insurance company of the person who caused the car accident.  All this while you are in the hospital trying to get treated for your injuries.

If you are a single adult, you have to try to deal with this yourself.  If you are married, then your wife or husband has to deal with it as well as everything else they already deal with in your busy lives.

For my clients, I take all the stress and hassle of dealing with insurance companies away.  The insurance companies communicate with me, not my injured clients.  My clients don’t have to worry about any of those headaches at all.  This is another valuable benefit of hiring an injury lawyer that greatly reduces the mental stress of dealing of being injured in a car accident.

Another service I provide in this area for my injured clients, when needed, is to connect them to a good mental health counselor who is trained to help them with the mental stress that comes from being seriously injured.  This way, my clients are able to get the care they need in this area of the lives as well.


If you have been seriously injured, you know it can be a very emotionally challenging experience. It is, therefore, very understandable that being seriously injured causes many people to cry and have bouts of depression and insomnia.  It can also be stressful to personal relationships.

How do you look?  Your face?  Your body?  How do you feel about yourself?  These are very personal questions that injured people ask themselves after they have been injured.  There are often scars from the injuries themselves and scars from the surgery needed to repair the injuries.  Scars change a person’s physical appearance and leave them feeling sad, very self-conscious and even depressed about how they look.

Can you exercise at all?  If so, how often?  How intensely?  How does this change your daily life?

All of these things described, and more, are examples of how being injured can have a significant impact on your life.  And, because your life is greatly changed, that in turn can affect the lives of your family and other close loved ones, as well as your friends and your job performance.

Many times, the emotional challenges of being seriously injured are not considered, let alone treated.  That is unfortunate.  It is important that the emotional ramifications of suffering a serious injury be considered and addressed.

When you are seriously injured, it may dramatically change you for the rest of your life.


This is a big one.  The financial challenges that come with suffering a serious injury are big and often unknown to most people until they have to deal with it personally.  Dealing with a serious injury can be financially very hard.  Most people in the public who have not been injured often do not realize how financially devastating being injured can be.

Bills.  Thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.  Of course, these bills are in addition to the monthly bills we already have for food, water, home and utilities.  Having bills pile up, especially while you are injured, can be very stressful.

Missing Work.  Many people who have been injured in a car crash often need to miss time from work to heal from their injuries and to get the healthcare they need.  Of course, missing work means less money coming in for you and your family causing a variety of financial challenges.

Credit Damage.  Being injured in a serious car wreck can damage your credit if healthcare bills are not paid timely.

To make matters worse, many times, especially in recent years, medical bills are quickly turned over by the healthcare provider to a collection company.  That alone is bad enough and adds insult to the injuries you suffer, but worse, often the collection companies are disrespectful and “hound” you about the bills with seemingly constant calls and threatening letters.

The result often damages the injured person’s credit, because they simply cannot pay the medical bills from the car accident immediately.

Note: I do a few different things at my injury law firm to help minimize the risk of credit damage to my injury clients from healthcare bills.  I also refer them to a credit repair company, if needed. 


I believe that we are all spiritual beings.  I further believe that our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical parts are all inseparably intertwined.  Therefore, when something impacts us in one of these areas, all of them are affected.

If our physical body is seriously injured from an auto accident, our spiritual side will not be as strong and vibrant as it could be and we will not be as peaceful and happy as we could be and want to because we are out of balance.

If we are mentally in distress about money because injury bills are piling up and we don’t know how to deal with it, and because we don’t have an injury lawyer helping us, we are going to be spiritually out of balance too.  The same goes with emotional distress and financial hardship.

From the challenges I have helped my injured clients go through, the financial, physical, mental, and emotional difficulties that come from being injured in a car accident can greatly impact one’s spiritual well being and happiness.


As lawyers we are often called “Counselors”; a part of being an injury lawyer that may be overlooked.  However, it is a very important part of being a lawyer and a very important part of being an accident attorney.

As an injury lawyer, I get to counsel my injured clients as I help them through the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial and Spiritual – the Life Impact – challenges of being seriously injured or losing a loved one in a car accident.

It is rewarding to me personally and professionally to help my injured clients through one of the hardest times in their lives.  In fact, it is an honor.  It is one of the many reasons I like being an injury lawyer.

“I Wish I Was Never Injured, It’s Not Worth It.”

Many of my injured clients over the years have said that being injured was “not worth it.”  That is the true reality of what it is like to be injured.  That is the Life Impact of being seriously injured.

My goal for each of my injured clients is to help them recover from the full “Life Impact” of being injured in an accident and be happy.  

20 Jun 2016

To Talk or Not To Talk, That is The Question

If you have been in any type of vehicle accident, before you talk to an insurance representative about your claim there are some important things that you should know.

One, the job of the insurance claims rep is to not pay you any money for your injuries if possible.

Two, alternatively, the insurance rep wants to pay you as little money as you will agree to take, which will most certainly be much less than the true value of your accident case.

Three, the insurance claims rep will want to record the conversation you have with them. Why? For one main reason, namely because anything you say to an insurance claims rep about your injuries from your car accident, motorcycle accident or trucking accident will be used against you by the insurance company to pay you no money or as little money as possible. >

Four, the claims representative is not calling to “see how you are feeling” or to “help you”. No. The insurance claims representative is calling to find out how much money the insurance company they work for (because they do not work for you) may have to pay you.

Five, the insurance company representative works for the insurance company that employs them – not for you. So, their loyalty is to their employer (the insurance company) and actually against you; that’s their job.

Six, according to a study done in 2008, people who have been in a car accident and get injury lawyers to represent them get, on average, 3.5 (three and a half times) more net money (in their hands money after all medical bills, attorney fees and costs are paid) than those who do not.

Seven, do not talk to any insurance claims adjuster about your injuries from your car accident, trucking accident or motorcycle accident case.

Eight, do talk to an injury lawyer in a free consultation to learn about the process of an injury claim, getting an amount of money that is fair for your for your claim, and the overall strength and financial worth (value) of your case.

16 Jun 2016

Have High Car Insurance Coverage

Having high car insurance policy limits coverage is so very important if you are involved in a serious car accident, or if you lose a loved one in a car wreck. One of the saddest things I deal with as an injury lawyer is when clients have serious, life-changing injuries, or lose a loved one, in a car accident and their car insurance is too low to compensate them fairly for the devastation they have suffered in their lives.

Being well insured with high bodily injury car insurance coverage is very cost effective. Usually, increasing your coverage from the mimimum $25,000.00 required by Utah for bodily injury coverage to say $100,000.00 is maybe around $35 to $50 per month. This depends, of course, upon your age, gender, driving record, the insurance company you have and what they charge, and other factors.

In my car accident book, 8 Wrong Turns That Will Wreck Your Utah Car Accident Case and How to Prevent Them, I recommend people have at least $100,000.00 per person $300,000.00 per accident bodily injury coverage for their Liability, UIM (Underinsured Motorist) and UM (Uninsured Motorist) coverage.

I strongly recommend that people have $250,000.00 per person and $500,000.00 per accident liability, UIM and UM bodily injury coverage.

I further recommend getting a $1M ($1,000,000.00) “umbrella” insurance policy coverage too. It is referred to as an umbrella policy because it goes over and is in addition to both your car insurance coverage and your home insurance coverage

The umbrella policy generally only costs about $200.00 a year, sometimes even less, yet gives you an additional $1M insurance coverage to compensate you and your family if you lose a loved one or are catastrophically injured in a motorcycle accident, car accident or trucking accident.

If you are seriously injured in a car accident, you are going to be dealing with the life-changing serious injuries the rest of your life and being very well insured simply makes it much better dealing with it long term than it otherwise would be by you having more money to take care of you and your family.

It is important to point out that you are well insured for yourself and your family, not for anyone else. If the person who caused the car wreck has only minimal insurance and you are also not well insured, yet you are very seriously injured, then there simply is not enough insurance coverage to fairly compensate you for your tragedy.

So, contact your car insurance company today and increase your car insurance bodily injury coverage. Also ask your car insurance company if they have a $1M “Umbrella” policy and how much it costs. I strongly advise you get the $1M umbrella coverage too.

You can usually do it with a quick 5-10 minute telephone call. I am confident that your insurance company will be happy to help you increase their business. More importantly, you will be protecting yourself and your loved ones in the event tragedy strikes.

Please be well insured; if you get into a car wreck, you and your family will be glad you are.